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We are Ataler and we do customize YOU

Yes you heard it correct. We provide the latest iOS customization apps and services for FREE!

When coming into customizing the iPhone or the iOS, you might find many difficulties by your phone’s default settings. Maybe you’d be frustrated by trying to change your iOS theme or the home screen icons. Or maybe you tried so hard to add some cool music to your playlist and listen to them, but was unsuccessful. People say you can lift up these difficulties by a jailbreak but it's too dangerous and not available for all iPhones / iOS versions. But now you are all safe with Ataler products.

We have a wide range of app stores for iOS customization and most importantly, it is all jailbreak free. You do not need jailbreak to perform these customizations. In other words, all these are non jailbreak tweaks.

Ok, go on. This seems cool.

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What customers say

Ataler Testimonial -Lance

Lance Bogrol

Ataler made installing iOS themes really easy. Installing the themes only takes a few clicks. And uninstalling and changing the themes are really easy

Ataler Testimonial -Desmond

Desmond Eagle

Ataler is super easy to use and the app stores made my day. The wish sender - iWish is really amazing and my girlfriend was thrilled for the bday wish I sent her with iWish. It was great!

Ataler Testimonial -Meringue

Meringue D.

Ataler made the home screen look great. The modern app icons are next level and there were many themes to choose from. So far so good.